American Oak Adds Wow Factor to WA’s Wallaby House

Wed 02 Aug 23


Wallaby House, a stunning creation by WA-based construction company Millbrook Construction, showcases sustainable design principles effortlessly combined with luxurious living.

Set on a remote block of land that opens to a pristine beach, the home serves as a sanctuary for owners Mick and Fiona and their young family.

And American oak, supplied by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH), was a “splurge item” for the owners; it brings warmth and a major wow factor to the family-friendly space,” says Lurie Concepts, a building design company specialising in bespoke homes.

American oak (Quercus rubra) by ASH is consistently blonde and closer to typical engineered oak flooring.

“Wallaby House serves as an example that even large, high-end homes can embrace environmentally-friendly design principles without compromising style or comfort,” says Lurie Concepts.

“Concrete floors and American oak create a captivating contrast while serving a functional purpose.”

The sawn oak is crown cut and easy-to-work hardwood used to line the internal ceilings at Wallaby House.

Applications also include staircase components and solid flooring.

The home features north-facing pavilions that allow sunlight to warm the interior during winter while shading it from the summer heat, burnished concrete floors and grey rammed earth walls to help regulate temperature, strategically positioned windows for ventilation, and an extensive solar array for energy efficiency.

The oak supplied by ASH is an improvement in the supply method of America’s favourite hardwood – processed in Victoria, handpicked by region and colour, graded and packed to meet Australian manufacturing standards.

Operating one of the largest hardwood mills in Australia, most of the timber produced by ASH is used as feedstock for its manufacturing lines.

Fully processed in Australia, the American oak is packed into manageable 1.5 cubic metre packs, set width x set thickness x random lengths, straight line cut after drying and defect docked.

Similar in colour and appearance to European oak, the sapwood of American oak is light coloured with the heartwood light to dark brown.

White oak is mostly straight-grained with a medium to coarse texture, with longer rays than red oak and therefore has more figures.


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