Calling Melbourne Designers: Wood Solutions Seminar Unpacks Top Timber Projects!

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Fri 02 Feb 24


Melbourne-based design and construction professionals will glimpse “the best of the best in timber design” as part of a special Wood Solutions event at the Library at the Dock in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct next month.

Billed as the “2023 Australian Timber Design Awards as presented by their creators”, the exclusive case study-focused event looks at a series of award-winning projects across Australia’s multi-residential, commercial, education and government projects.

It includes the iconic Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, designed by ARM Architecture, which last year secured the ultimate prize for a project that principal architect Andrew Hayne said was “very hard to top.” 

Mr Hayes will share insights with attendees about the acoustic and architectural transformation of the heritage-listed space, accomplished through a marriage of digital design, offsite manufacturing, and sculptured wooden surfaces. 

Also on the agenda is Boola Katitjin, the 2023 People’s Choice Award winner recipient, which “exemplifies a harmonious integration of cultural reverence, sustainability, and innovative timber use.” 

Dubbed Australia’s most awarded project for 2023, it is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest mass timber project, incorporating 1800 pieces of mass timber installed like a jigsaw. 

Murdoch University Chancellor Gary Smith officially opened Boola Katitjin in April 2023—footage courtesy of @murdochdigitialmedia.

Aurcon’s Nikeesh Prasad, a structural engineer responsible for the project, will delve into the intricacies of the project and showcase how it used hardwoods and softwoods in both structural and architectural aspects to develop a new learning environment for students. 

In addition to the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall and Boola Katitjin, attendees will also come from the architects and designers behind Eternity Life Apartments – a new social housing project using a new type of mass timber called “Simple Laminated Timber” (SLT),  Elsternwick House and the  Bendigo GovHub.

In addition to design winners, attendees will hear about Barker College Maths and Student Hub, a project that uses a unique dFMA process from XLam to improve cost efficiency and affordability.

For more information about the seminar, including registrations, visit the Wood Solutions website.


  • Jason Ross

    Jason Ross, publisher, is a 15-year professional in building and construction, connecting with more than 400 specifiers. A Gottstein Fellowship recipient, he is passionate about growing the market for wood-based information. Jason is Wood Central's in-house emcee and is available for corporate host and MC services.


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