Digital technology fights illegal logging and enhances forest management in the Amazon

Digital tax program allows quick and easy reports on wood sale, purchase transactions.

Mon 05 Dec 22


The whole world keeps its eyes on Brazil, especially on what is happening in the Amazon forests – and it is clear the country is back at the centre of global climate change policymaking.

Fatima Bezerra, governor of Rio Grande do Norte, a state in northeast Brazil, and Timbeter CEO Anna-Greta Tsahkna (digital timber measurement provider) signed a cooperation agreement in the framework of COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh with the participation of Estonian Environment Minister Madis Kallas.

The main aim of the agreement is to implement Timbeter technology to stop illegal logging and enhance transparent forest management in the Brazilian state.

According to Anna-Greta Tsahkna, the whole world keeps currently eyes on Brazil, especially on what is happening in the Amazon forests, and that it is clear that Brazil is back at the center of global climate change policymaking.

Anna-Greta Tsahkna is the founder and CEO of Timbeter

“For Timbeter, this is a new, important breakthrough on the way to becoming a global standard for precision forestry,” Ms Tsahkna said.

“For us, the signing of this cooperation agreement at COP27 has a significant meaning, clearly demonstrating that Rio Grande do Norte is ready to boldly implement changes in the forest sector.

Timbeter’s technology has been very well received by the private sector in Brazil, and we are very happy to expand cooperation with the public sector, because only in the cooperation of the public and private sectors can big changes be implemented.”

The agreement was witnessed by Minister of the Environment of Estonia Madis Kallas who confirmed that “cooperation in the implementation and distribution of green technology solutions around the world is important for the Estonian government. I am hopeful that the cooperation agreement between Timbeter and Rio Grande do Norte State of Brazil will be a clear sign of a long-term friendship between two countries”

Ms Fatima Bezerra said: “Following the example of Timbeter’s collaboration in the state of Pernambuco, established in 2021, we aim to expand the use of Timbeter solutions to all Brazilian states, especially to the Amazonian states, as these states implement forward-looking cooperation technological solutions to reduce illegal deforestation. “

Talking up digital forestry checks at COP 27:  Anna-Greta Tsahkna , Timbeter’s founder and CEO, Madis Kallas - Estonian Minister of Environment, and Ado Lõhmus, head of sustainability and government affairs at Timbeter
Talking up digital forestry checks at COP 27:  Anna-Greta Tsahkna , Timbeter’s founder and CEO, Madis Kallas – Estonian Minister of Environment, and Ado Lõhmus, head of sustainability and government affairs at Timbeter

Timbeter makes it possible to speed up the measurement process and streamline environmental monitoring activities. The goal is to support the digitalisation of the forest sector, increase transparency and enhance supervision.

Timbeter’s digital tax application enables quick and easy reporting on wood purchase-sale transactions, which helps to increase transparency and make the control of the timber supply chain more effective.

In addition, Timbeter is developing fully automated forest inventory functionality, which ensures digital data-based carbon accounting.

The group’s digital solutions are changing the forestry sector by enabling sustainable forest management, increasing the safety of employees, maximising the value of each log, helping to optimise logistics and guaranteeing fair trade.

Timbeter also monitors and controls timber supply chains, supporting governments and law enforcement agencies to prevent illegal logging and keep a better overview on the volumes harvested.

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