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Wed 22 May 24


Two of Sydney’s most talked-about timber projects will anchor a Timber Architecture and Construction Exchange, with architects, engineers, and construction professionals eligible to earn up to 6 CPD points. 

Located at the NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre in downtown Sydney, the June 20 exchange will tackle the latest in building physics, condensation management and connections.

However, the highlight of the day is, without question, the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal Project and the Macquarie Uni Law Building—both presented by the project teams of the much talked about builds.

About the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall Renewal Project

Designed by ARM Architecture, the Concert Hall won the 2023 Australian Timber Design Awards and three other NSW architecture awards – the 2023 Architecture Medallion, the Greenway Award for Heritage and the John Verge Award for Interior Architecture.

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Kevin Peachey, lead of Wood Solutions, awarding the overall winner of the Australian Timber Design Awards to the design team from ARM Architecture.

Last year, Wood Central spoke to Andrew Hayes, ARM Architecture’s principal architect, who said, “Of all our award-winning structures, the re-designing and re-shaping of the iconic Sydney Opera House, a seven-year project, was our stand-out project, and, yes, it will be hard to top.”

Described as “the best of the best in timber design,” Mr Hayes’s team-designed project took more than two years to deliver and was the final project in what the NSW Government billed as the landmark’s “decade of renewal.”

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“Smart timber interventions” were made into the existing ceiling to enhance acoustic performance. Remarkably, all timber used in the project was entirely re-purposed or recycled. (Photo Credit: Lisa Maree Williams from Getty Images for Sydney Opera House)

Involving a total acoustic upgrade, it recycled the brush box and white birch already in the hall to reconstruct solid carved panelling around the stage, stalls and rear walls. In addition, smart interventions were made to the existing ceiling to enhance the acoustic performance.

“There was a strong focus on wood in the restoration project,” Mr Hayes told Wood Central last year, adding that ” a lot of timbers used in the project were re-purposed as well as recycled.”

About Macquarie University’s new Michael Kirby Building

Opened in March, the new home of the Macquarie Law School and the Department of Philosophy – was named after The Honourable Dr Michael Kirby AC CMG, the pioneering human rights lawyer, High Court Justice and international jurist.

Designed by Hassell Architects, the 8,6000-square-metre building was built on the foundations of the original law building and retains some of the 1980s off-form concrete structure in the design.

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Collaboration atrium: Located at the University’s Wallumattagal Campus at North Ryde, the building (pictured above) is the new home for staff, students and partners of Macquarie Law School and the Department of Philosophy within the Faculty of Arts. (Photo Credit: Macquarie University)

The four-storey building, made from cross-laminated timber, is one of Australia’s largest timber buildings. It has a steel sawtooth roof with integrated photovoltaic panels and is recognised with a five-star Green Star rating, which means Australian-best practice.

“There’s an amazing sense of light and being connected to nature,” according to Professor Lise Barry, Dean of the Macquarie Law School. “That’s fitting since we’ve got the oldest centre for environmental law in Australia. It creates this sense of calm and peace.”

Beyond the two presentations, attendees will also hear from four special presenters, including:

  1. Timber Cladding Installation Standard: Presented by Andrew Dunn, CEO of the Timber Development Association
  2. Moisture Matters: More to it than Red Wrap: Presented by Andy Russell: Proctor Group
  3. Case Studies: The Why, Where and How of Modern Screw Connections: Presented by Greg Pankhurst: Spax Pacific
  4. SPIDER and PILLAR: A revolutionary mass timber post and plate connection system: Presented by Sebastian Jaimes: Rothoblass

“Bookings are essential,” according to Andrew Dunn, who said, “the seminar is one not to be missed by anyone in the building and construction industry looking to use timber.”

“Simply click the link and head to Wood Solutions for more details.”


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