Forest manager Forico first in Australia to apply FSC’s ecosystem services procedure

In an important milestone for sustainable forestry in Australia, Tasmanian forest manager Forico has become the first FSC-certified organisation to implement FSC’s Ecosystem Services Procedure (ESP).

Thu 15 Dec 22


This achievement provides Forico with a third-party endorsement from FSC’s trusted certification system of how the company makes a measurable difference in protecting biodiversity values across its managed estate.

Through FSC’s pioneering ESP, certified forest managers such as Forico can make credible claims about the positive impacts of their responsible forest management activities.

Under the ESP, claims can be verified for five ecosystem services – biodiversity conservation; carbon storage and sequestration; watershed services; soil conservation; and recreation services.

The advantages of FSC ecosystem services claims are manifold for forest managers; it provides a robust framework for measuring the true impact of the services they provide; it gives forest managers verified data to communicate their impact stories; it can help open doors to new premium markets for their forest products; and, importantly, it provides forest managers with the opportunity to attract businesses to sponsor their positive impacts.

Through surveys conducted across its estate, Forico has determined the presence of 25 threatened fauna species, including thriving populations of wedge-tailed eagles.

Forico successfully demonstrated positive outcomes under the biodiversity conservation category, specifically the conservation of natural forest characteristics and species diversity. Through surveys conducted across its estate, Forico has determined the presence of 38 threatened flora species, such as the Crowded-Leek orchid, and 25 threatened fauna species, including thriving populations of healthy Tasmanian devils, quolls and wedge-tailed eagles.

In the audit, Forico was able to demonstrate to an independent, FSC-accredited auditor that its management practices have a positive impact on these values.

“Having our ecosystem services certified within the FSC framework highlights our commitment to sustainable forest management,” said Simon Cook, Forico’s sustainability manager.

“It allows us to verify our outcomes based on credible and robust monitoring and assessment, and to then communicate confidently on how we are making a measurable difference in fighting biodiversity loss and ultimately climate change,” Mr Cook said.

Ecosystem services claims from FSC enable corporations to sponsor responsible forestry projects that make a real difference in the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss, and other global challenges. In return, these corporate sponsors get third-party data verifying their investments’ real-world impact and contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – all backed by the world’s most trusted name in sustainable forestry.

FSC ANZ CEO Melanie Robertson… commitment to achieving positive environmental and social outcomes.

FSC ANZ CEO Melanie Robertson has congratulated Forico on its achievement, stating that “Forico’s forest stewardship and commitment to achieving positive environmental and social outcomes demonstrate exemplary leadership for the forestry industry in Australia.

“We are proud to have Forico in our FSC community and believe this important milestone will inspire momentum in the ecosystem services space.”

To learn more about FSC’s ecosystem services procedure please click here.


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