Forestry England: Coronation Woods To Celebrate Charles III

'Coronation Woodlands' is the latest in a long line of legacy projects announced by the UK Government

Wed 03 May 23


Forestry England has unveiled plans to develop a network of “Coronation Woods” in honour of the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, leaving a lasting public legacy for both people and nature.

With a deep passion for the environment, the former Prince of Wales was known for his love and concern for England’s wildlife, natural spaces, and rural areas.

Between April 2023 and March 2025, Forestry England will plant new trees and create woodlands commemorating King Charles III’s coronation. The new “Coronation Woods” project will be an enduring symbol of the King’s dedication to the environment and his efforts to promote countryside access and a thriving rural economy.

Additionally, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) will provide up to £2.5 million (approx. $4.7m) in funding for communities across England to plant trees as a lasting tribute to the coronation. This funding will enable local authorities, parish councils, and housing associations to implement various planting initiatives, including community orchards, small woodlands, and “tree handouts” – giving trees to residents for planting in their chosen locations.

These efforts will create diverse local wooded spaces, fostering community engagement and providing opportunities for residents to connect with nature near their homes.

Mike Seddon, Chief Executive of Forestry England, expressed the organisation’s pride in planting the Coronation Woods over the next two years.

“The nation’s forests have traditionally marked coronations, including tree planting for King George VI and renaming a forest for Queen Elizabeth II.

“The new Coronation Woods will be timeless reminders of the King’s Coronation and reflect his passion for the environment, encouraging access to the countryside and a thriving rural economy.”

Forestry England will acquire land for the new Coronation Woods based on strict criteria, ensuring that the woodlands become an integral part of the nation’s forests. These spaces will allow people to connect with nature, serve as a habitat for flourishing wildlife, and supply sustainable timber to support jobs and industry.

Aligned with the Government’s Environmental Improvement Plan, which aims to leave the environment in a better state than it was found, the Coronation Woods initiative will encourage even more people to experience England’s remarkable wildlife and landscapes during this historic year.


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