FTMA’s three-year plan invests in the future of timber fabrication: helping grow the sector

Tue 28 Feb 23


The Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia (FTMA) has announced its three-year plan to support its members and invest in future programs to help grow the sector and markets.

FTMA aims to improve the professionalism of the timber fabrication market and the viability of its members through its new plan. It is focused on restructuring its sponsorship to gain more funds to invest in various projects.

Sponsorship levels have remained the same since its inception in 2007, but with the new plan, FTMA increased its income from partners by 170%. This increase will allow the association to invest heavily in the following six key areas:

Recruitment and Retention

FTMA will create online training with its designer short course and job descriptions and job advertisements. It will also continue FTMA’s rebuild and design program, develop employee wellbeing programs, and employ a TAE to support fabricators with increased training.

Timber projects

FTMA will establish a strategic technical committee look into the timber waste program to promote the circular economy, explore an independent engineering testing panel for inclusion of timber in nail plate software, and develop targets for timber social housing based on carbon stored.

Forecasts and data collection

FTMA will publish quarterly ‘Trussted Insight’ forecasts publications, conduct an industry census, conduct salary benchmarking, conduct an Australian house framing and fabrication review and outlook, and ongoing quarterly frame and truss sector outlook.

Building Better Businesses

FTMA will provide an HR platform for FTMA members, DFV policy, employee wellbeing programs, current wage rate and award breakdowns, credit application forms, mental health first aid training, employment contracts, and FTMA safety SOP videos with FTMA NZ.

Carbon Warrior

FTMA will promote the environmental benefits of timber offsite fabrication, lobby for policy changes recognising the benefits of timber, educate builders on Carbon Warrior policy, and further develop and promote the Carbon Warrior program.

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Resilient Timber Homes Projects

FTMA is one of two research partners for the FWPA program, and it will invest in this program on behalf of FTMA members to ensure future resilient timber homes can be manufactured by the sector and are environmentally friendly.

The FTMA partners including MiTek, Multinail, Pryda, while other strategic partners will support the association’s efforts in supporting the Australian frame and truss industry.

The FTMA’s plan will help members become better businesses, which will make them better customers for suppliers and better suppliers to the construction industry, consequently helping grow the markets.

FTMA CEO Kersten Gentle hopes that the association’s partners’ continued efforts in supporting FTMA Australia will enable the association to continue its high-quality support of the Australian frame and truss industry.

The future of timber fabrication in Australia looks promising with FTMA’s three-year plan.

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