Hyne Rocky Point partnership will ‘grow’ businesses into the future

‘We all share the sentiment for the importance of cultural integrity.’

Sat 04 Feb 23


The Hyne Group and gardening and renewables business Rocky Point have announced a partnership, combining years of know-how and experience to grow the respective businesses into the future.

Just 12 months after the announcement of the partnership between the Hyne Group and UK-based James-Jones and Sons Ltd, the Hyne Group has been actively considering opportunities for growth and expansion in Australia.

This latest partnership with Gold Coast-based Rocky Point sees the Hyne Group hold a 60% interest while Rocky Point retains the remaining interest of 40%. 

The Rocky Point operation supplies premium quality products to the retail garden, nursery, agriculture, home gardeners and erosion management industries and like the Hyne Group, prides itself on sustainably and locally sourced feedstock.

Hyne Group CEO Jon Kleinschmidt and Rocky Point CEO Matt Keith.

The Rocky Point renewables and revegetation divisions established in 2015 have gained recognition and built momentum with continual research and forward-thinking.

Rocky Point Renewables recovers and diverts end of life timber from landfill to make beautiful coloured mulches and has a future vision to expand its sustainable footprint. The business supplies the hydro-mulch industry with organic-based products to revegetate landscapes in need and to promote growth naturally.

Hyne Group CEO Jon Kleinschmidt said the partnership was an exciting new chapter for both the Hyne Group and Rocky Point.

“Rocky Point is a like-minded, family-owned business based in Queensland since 1949,” Mr Kleinschmidt said.

“In our James-Jones and Sons partnership announcement 12 months ago, we committed to expansion and growth, focused on family-owned businesses with shared values including our focus on the production of sustainable, quality products.

“Rocky Point is a great partnership opportunity and together we can grow our businesses, delivering even better, world-class products and services into the future.” Mr Kleinschmidt said.

Rocky Point has been actively pursuing partnerships as part of its strategic plan for growth. CEO and third generation Matt Keith said the partnership was a significant milestone.

“This will create opportunities for future growth while allowing our generational family business to execute succession planning for future generations. The partnership will open a new chapter where we can focus on manufacturing quality products at a national level.

“We all share the sentiment for the importance of cultural integrity and excellence, and the belief that family culture and values not only provide differentiation but are a key competitive advantage.

“It is business as usual with no changes to our brand, structure or quality services for our valued customers.”

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