NSW Politicians Get Up Close with Wood, the Ultimate Renewable

The $1.8 million campaign will run through top-rating programs including The Block, Seven and Nine News and both AFL and NRL matches

Tue 19 Sep 23


The 2023 Ultimate Renewable campaign launched with a bang, with Adam Dovile joining NSW Parliamentarians and industry stakeholders at the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Forestry meeting last Wednesday.

Mr Dovile, a Better Homes and Gardens presenter, is currently fronting a $1.8m multi-media campaign across free-to-air television, streaming video, radio and social media. 

The 2023 campaign will see the commercial run throughout top-rating programs such as The Block, Seven and Nine News and both AFL and NRL matches, including their finals series via video on demand.  

The Ultimate Renewable is back for 2023 after a successful 2022 campaign. Footage courtesy of @TheUltimateRenewableTM.

“As a builder, I’m passionate about encouraging people to explore the sustainable options in construction,” Mr Doville told the Ultimate Renewable team. 

“What’s great to see is the many architects, designers, and specifiers already recognise the benefits of wood and embrace its use.”

The campaign’s new focus is communicating wood’s transgenerational benefit – from seedlings to the final product.

It seeks to dispel misconceptions and provide clear, concise information about choosing wood products. 

Adam Dovile has just finished shooting the latest campaign. Look out for the new campaign from August 20, 2023. (Photo Credit: The Ultimate Renewable).
Adam Dovile finished shooting the latest campaign. Look out for the new campaign from August 20, 2023. (Photo Credit: The Ultimate Renewable).

Accompanied by videos and images of forestry and children in wood-rich environments, the message conveys that we can tackle climate change for future generations by growing and using more certified wood. 

A key “feature” of trees is that trees sequester carbon – the process of removal and long-term storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere.

Although the carbon absorption capacity can vary, a tree can store about 167 kg of CO2 per year, or 1 ton of CO2 per year for six mature trees.

Last month, Sarah Downey, FWPA Head of Marketing and Communication, revealed to Wood Central, “sustainably sourced wood is an important renewable building material, and we should be supporting and celebrating the renewable aspects of its production and use.”

Underpinning ‘sustainably sourced wood’ is forest certification, and Australia has two highly credentialled forest certification schemes. 

They include Responsible Wood, which uses the Australian and NZ Standard for Sustainable Forest Management and is underpinned by PEFC and FSC.

Forestry Certification demonstrates sustainable forest management practices, ensuring forests and plantations harvesting timber are healthy, renewable, and well-managed. Footage courtesy of @WoodSolutionsAustralia.

Responsible Wood Sustainability Manager Matt de Jongh attended the launch and said the campaign was essential in raising awareness about environmental choice.

“Responsible Wood is committed to advancing sustainable forestry practices and responsible wood sourcing. This initiative resonates with our core values, and we are thrilled to be part of a movement that promotes environmentally responsible choices.”

Tim Lester, General Manager of the Australian Forest Contractors Association, says the campaign “underscores the critical role that wood plays in building a sustainable future, and it aligns perfectly with our industry’s commitment to responsible practices.”

The campaign operates through three pillars:
  • LIVE: This segment explores innovative ways to integrate wood products into daily life, spanning home decor, fashion, and lifestyle choices.
  • MAKE: Introduces audiences to experts and artisans specialising in certified sustainable wood. 
  • ACT: Focuses on knowledge and action. 

Newly appointed Australia Forest Products Association NSW CEO James Jooste said the campaign is critical in educating “and inspiring the public about the incredible sustainability of wood.”

Tim Lester, CEO of the Australian Forest Contractors Association, with Adam Dovile, the Ultimate Renewable Ambassador, James Jooste, the Australia Forest Products Association NSW CEO Justin Jooste and Matt de Jongh, Responsible Wood Sustainability Manager.

NSW Parliamentary Friends of Forestry was established in September 2022 under the previous Liberal State Government and was co-chaired by 

former NSW Agriculture Minister Dugald Saunders and former Shadow Minister for Natural Resources Tania Mihailuk.

The group has continued under the new Labor Minns Government, allowing representatives to meet with Parliamentarians to discuss the industry.

(L-R) Labor Member for Bega Dr Michael Holland, Shadow Minister for Regional NSW Mick Veitch, Shadow Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Paul Scully, Agriculture Minister Dugald Saunders (Co-Chair), former Shadow Minister for Natural Resources Tania Mihailuk (Co-Chair), Nationals Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis, and Nationals Member for Upper Hunter Dave Layzell.

Last year, 25% of Australians recalled seeing at least one of The Ultimate Renewable messages, and this year promises to be bigger and better with a greater focus on digital.

“To truly understand our audience and their perceptions, we launched a comprehensive research journey and have undertaken a brand-new approach to our digital strategy,” Ms Downey said.

The review resulted in the launch of a new website, The Ultimate Renewable, which is “a fantastic resource to help you promote The Ultimate Renewable message.”

Ms Downey says the campaign aims” to facilitate meaningful connections between individuals and sustainable materials.”  

“By empowering people to make responsible choices,” Downey says, “we aim to benefit individuals and our planet’s overall well-being.”


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