PolterApp: The First Roundwood App with Offline Functionality

The app is being used in Central Europe and is now available for Asia-Pacific users.

Sat 22 Jul 23


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, some stand out as true innovators, revolutionising industries and simplifying processes.

Ilya Gorodnyanski, a software developer and self-baked innovator, is one such individual.

As a member of the international community of innovators in the wood industry, Linkiwood, Ilya has made significant contributions by introducing his groundbreaking mobile application, PolterApp.

This app has solved numerous problems for users in the forestry sector, particularly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Residing in Essex, Germany, Ilya Gorodnyanski recognised the need to simplify the lives of foresters in the region.

He embarked on a mission to develop a mobile app to streamline the round wood inventory process.

His vision was to create an app that would reduce paperwork, eliminate the risk of human errors during data input, and prioritise usability.

PolterApp is a mobile application specifically designed for the round wood inventory.

PolterApp stands apart from other solutions with its offline functionality, allowing users to collect data without requiring an internet connection or registration.

This advantage over the traditional “paper and pen” method is evident.

Not only does it eliminate the need for manual data typing from paper into a computer, but it also eliminates any delay in data transfer.

Moreover, the collected data can be directly exported as PDF, Excel, or other formats for easy sharing via email.

Additionally, within a matter of seconds, users can generate pro forma invoices for the measured trunks.

For enterprise users, PolterApp can be seamlessly integrated into their ERP system, allowing for further automated data processing.

One of the key aspects of PolterApp is its user-friendliness.

Managing wood piles becomes a breeze with its simple and intuitive interface.

Wood piles can be treated as separate objects or organised hierarchically depending on the user’s preference.

The data collection process for each wood pile is divided into four sections: general data, measurement, geo-location, and photos.

The general data section includes fields for reference numbers, certificates, wood owners, and more.

The geo-location tab enables users to capture the current geographic coordinates, view the position on Google Maps, and even start a navigation app for easy navigation.

Photos can be added without any limitations on the number of images.

However, the heart of PolterApp lies in its measurement methods for volume calculation.

Three methods are supported: estimation method for approximate volume values, section method, and single trunk volume measurement for more precise results.

The app also incorporates numerous automated mechanisms to enhance efficiency during data collection.

These include automatic number generation for wood piles and trunks, bark subtraction, editable dropdown lists, and much more.

Advanced users can sign in with their Polter-Cloud account in PolterApp.

This enables the seamless transfer of collected data to the cloud, allowing users to view and edit it later from any desktop computer.

Collaborative work on the same data with multiple users is also supported, enhancing the app’s versatility.

PolterApp has proven to be a game-changer for private and public forest owners, forest management communities, and wood traders.

The app can be used to generate data for wood piles and trunks, bark subtraction, editable dropdown lists, and much more. (Photo Credit: Supplied)

Its growing community of users appreciates the app’s accessibility to the developer, professional support, and successful project outcomes.

The future of PolterApp looks promising as the team continuously introduces enhancements and new features.

If you have any ideas on improving PolterApp or seeing potential opportunities to adjust it for your domestic needs, please get in touch with the PolterApp team.

With Ilya Gorodnyanski at the helm, the European wood industry in the DACH region is witnessing a digital transformation that empowers foresters and simplifies their workflows, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable future for the sector.

PolterApp will be unveiled during Linkiwood’s first international online innovation conference on November 21, 2023.

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