Real American Hardwood ‘Build Your World’ Targets 93M US Users

Designed by award winning agency CANVAS United the commercials will run across the Magnolia Network.

Mon 14 Aug 23


Build Your World™… in Wood!

That’s the new catchcry from the Real American Hardwood Coalition.

Designed by US advertising agency CANVAS United, the US-based hardwood industry has launched a new multi-million-dollar consumer advertising campaign to promote ‘Real American Hardwood’ flooring, cabinetry, furniture and millwork.

In partnership with Magnolia Network, a US cable network, the campaign will run through January 29, 2024, reaching a potential audience of 93 million consumers.

“An advertising campaign on this scale is a ‘first’ for the American hardwood industry,” according to Michael Martin, President and CEO of the National Wood Flooring Association.

The campaign captures the spirit of individuality in different real-life settings, encouraging consumers to look at different scenarios where they can use hardwoods.

The campaign features five different vignettes which capture the spirit of individuality in real-life settings. Footage courtesy of @realamericanhardwood.

More than 130 companies, 30 trade associations and individual donors have contributed to the campaign.

For decades, according to Mr Martin, “misinformation has been spreading; the industry has seen market share slip away to alternative products that offer the wood look, without any of the benefits of real wood.”

“Through the Build Your World™ campaign, our industry is showing how real American hardwood products offer unmatched aesthetics, natural durability, and lasting value – and they are healthier for our homes and environment.

According to Michael Martin, President and CEO of the US-based National Wood Flooring Association, the Real American Hardwood Coalition inspires a stylish and healthy environment by educating consumers on the benefits of Real American Hardwood products. (Photo Credit: Supplied by National Wood Flooring Association)

Mark Lainas, Head of CANVAS United, is excited to see the campaign launch. 

“We’re particularly proud of this campaign’s capacity to highlight hardwood’s emotional and rational benefits,” Mr Lainas said.

“Leveraging creative, entertaining and yet poignant story will relate to consumers across the country and allows us to showcase not just the beauty of American hardwoods, but the lasting value of the products.”

Wood Central understands the campaign will run on the Magnolia Network channel and Magnolia and Discovery+ digital streaming platforms. 

To see the full list of spots that will be aired, see the playlist here

Magnolia Network is available through cable and satellite providers; Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV services; and Magnolia, HGTV, Discovery+, and Max streaming apps. 

The campaign also includes digital and social media components.


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