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Fri 27 Oct 23


More than 20 international speakers have been lined up for the first Linkiwood Global Tech Innovation Summit, focusing on several critical topics in the forest and wood products industry.

Slated for November 30, the all-day Summit will commence at 10am (CET) and feature five separate sessions and panel discussions.

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Representatives from 30 countries have been planning the Summit, with topics ranging from EU Deforestation Regulations to Chinese Importing, Wood Products and Carbon Credits, the Future of UK Timber Importing and the Discovery of Brazilian Timber Businesses.

The Summit bridges the gap between the (largely) conservative wood industry and best IT practices, with Linkiwood Chair Alex Wysocki assembling an impressive panel of speakers.

They include Alex Fergusson, the CEO of the UK-based WoodScanner, Michael Wisnerfski, the founder of the US-based MaterialsXchange and Gustavo Milazzo, the CEO of the Brazilian timber marketing arm Wood Flow.

Wood Central strongly supports the Summit, with the Wood Central Publisher presenting “online timber business opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.”

According to Mr Wysocki, Linkiwood is the world’s largest wood-based network focused on disrupting the forest industry by exploring forestry, construction, pulp and paper, and biofuel opportunities.

Last week, it secured a partnership with the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA), which will participate in the Summit.

IFSA is the world’s largest operating forestry students organisation, according to IFSA President Isabelle Claire Dela Paz.

It connects forestry students to their peers and forest-related organisations and policy platforms.

“Essentially, we’re in the business of connecting, empowering, and educating the next generation of leaders,” Ms Dela Paz said.

Mr Wysocki said, “The partnership unites Linkiwood and IFSA in their shared mission of strengthening the global wood industry ecosystem.”

“IFSA will assume an important role in the Linkiwood Techno Leadership Summit,” Mr Wysocki said, “with IFSA set to present during the summit.”


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