Responsible Wood awards grants to local forests: Meet the successful recipients

Supporting Sustainable Forest Management and Stronger Community Relationships Across Australia.

Tue 21 Feb 23


Responsible Wood has just announced the recipients of its Community Grants Program for 2022/23. The program, now in its third year, helps local communities connected to Responsible Wood-certified forests in Australia. This supports the growth of relationships between forest owners and communities through local forest-based projects that benefit both the community and the forests.

The program received an overwhelming response this year, with 17 grant applications totaling over $165,000 in combined project value. A panel of judges selected six recipients, awarding them a total of $40,000 in grants. The funds will go towards forest-based projects, such as constructing and upgrading forestry signage, timber furniture, picnic facilities, and a bike repair station. These projects will have a positive impact on both the forest and the community.

The 2022/23 Community Grants Program recipients include the Upper Murray Landcare Network, Bundaleer Forest Community Areas Association, Hunter Mountain Bike Association, Old Beechy Rail Trail Friends, Tasmanian Arboriculture Organisation, and Traralgon Men’s Shed.

The Upper Murray Landcare Network promotes sustainable land use practices, protects natural resources, and conserves biodiversity in the Upper Murray region of Victoria, Australia. The Bundaleer Forest Community Areas Association manages the Bundaleer Forest Reserve in the Mid North region of South Australia, promoting the ecological, recreational, and educational values of the reserve. The Hunter Mountain Bike Association develops and maintains mountain bike trails in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, promoting the physical and mental health benefits of mountain biking and sustainable outdoor recreation. The Old Beechy Rail Trail Friends maintains and promotes the Old Beechy Rail Trail in southwestern Victoria, supporting the social and economic development of the region. The Tasmanian Arboriculture Organisation provides professional development opportunities, industry information, and networking events to arborists and tree workers in Tasmania, promoting the growth and development of the arboriculture industry. Finally, the Traralgon Men’s Shed provides a space for men to work on projects, share skills and experiences, and socialize in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia, improving the wellbeing of men in the local community.

Through the Community Grants Program, Responsible Wood is supporting local communities and promoting sustainable forest management practices, while fostering stronger relationships between forest owners and communities. As the program gains momentum each year, we can expect even more exciting and impactful projects in the future.

To learn more about the Community Grants Program, visit the Responsible Wood website.


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