The Gottstein Fellowship Impact: Mick Stephens’ Story

A fantastic experience to visit amazing places and forests

Tue 16 May 23


The positive impacts of a Gottstein Fellowship are not fleeting. Indeed, recipients may experience very long-lasting impacts and find the fellowship has considerable value for their careers.

This is evident from the many testimonials praising the J.W Gottstein Memorial Trust Fund.

The Fellowships generally are of most benefit to talented people in the earlier to mid-stage of their careers.

In June 2021, we began reconnecting with former fellows, inviting them to gather in person or virtually for the 50th anniversary of the trust held at the National Press Club in Canberra.

Past Gottstein Trust fellows gather for the 50th anniversary in Canberra… Mick Stephens, CEO, Timber Queensland, Dr. Julianne Oreilly-Wapstra, ARC Timber Training Centre for Forest Value; Gavin Matthew, CEO, EWPAA; Cameron MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, HVP Plantations, Evan Dunstone, Dunstone Design Furniture (pictured with a sample of his work), Dr. James Hague, Australian Forest Research Company (former trustee), and Jodie Mason, Forest Research Manager, FWPA.

These people make up an alumni network of talented individuals who can be found in many areas of the forest and wood products sector, including within the research community. New fellows will join the network every year.

My 2010 fellowship was a unique opportunity to think a little outside the box and investigate new ways of thinking. I traveled to North America to look at novel approaches to fuel reduction through thinning and mechanical treatments as part of preventative forest fire management.

In addition to learning from overseas practices and networking with relevant experts, it was a fantastic personal experience to get outdoors and visit amazing places and forests.

I greatly value the collegiate nature of the Gottstein Trust and the shared values to pursue innovation and best practices.

I encourage anyone in the forest and timber industry to think big and pursue their passion through the Gottstein Trust. 

• A Gottstein Fellow in 2010, Mick Stephens, CEO of Timber Queensland, has served the interests of the forest industries in Australia for many years playing an important part in many policy debates and outcomes. He is a resource economist with 30 years of experience in forestry and timber industry policy, research, and advocacy and was previously deputy CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association.

Mick has held senior research and policy roles within the Australian government and internationally, including with the Canadian Forest Service, CSIRODepartment of Agriculture, Fisheries and ForestryABARES, and the Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics


  • Mick Stephens

    Mick Stephens, CEO, Timber Queensland. Resource economist and executive leader, former Deputy CEO, Australian Forest Products Association.


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