Timber Takeover: Mercedes G-Wagon Fully Wrapped in Wood!

Can you be-leaf someone made a timber G-Wagen? Well, it's no j-oak – a talented Vietnamese woodworker has done just that.

Fri 31 May 24


The automotive industry is investing in new technologies, such as wood panels replacing steel in car chassis, seats, and body parts.

Last year, Wood Central reported that a Citroen 2CV made from wood went under the hammer for 210,000 euros – the first fully functioning wooden car sold at auction – in France.

ND-Woodworking Art built a Mercedes G63 for his family. Footage courtesy of ND-Woodworking Art.

Now, a YouTuber in Vietnam has built a full-size replica of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen out of wood. As reported in Car Expert yesterday, the car—which started as an early 1990s Mitsubishi Pajero—was stripped back to a bare chassis before having pieces of wood added piece by piece to recreate a G-Wagon over a 180-day period.

Last year, ND-Woodworking Art recreated a Telsa Cybertruck, dubbed the most awaited car of 2023, for Elon Musk. Footage courtesy of ND-Woodworking Art.

The YouTuber in question, ND-Woodworking Art, is no stranger to timber-based automotive art – and has already recreated a Ford F150 Raptor, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Telsa Cybertruck, and even a Wooden Tank!

It’s unclear just how much this wooden Wagen weighs. However, the YouTube artist claims that the entire project cost US $100,000 (or AU $151,300), or less than half the price of a Mercedes-AMG G63—though at least in the latter, you get a twin-turbo V8 engine and no risk of splinters in a crash.


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