VicForests amends Timber Release Plan: ‘ensuring sustainable management of forests’

VicForests has amended its Timber Release Plan that includes the addition of 11 new coupes, the removal of 111 coupes that have been re-generated and the removal of 124 coupes that are no longer planned to be harvested.

Mon 06 Feb 23


Of the 11 new coupes, six are in areas that have been clear-felled since 1939 and the other five coupes are in areas where it has been identified that intensive surveying for Greater Gliders and Yellow-bellied Gliders is possible.

All areas within the gross boundaries of the 11 new coupes have been subject to consultation.

VicForests’ board has approved the amendments to the TRP, in accordance with the requirements of the Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004.

Other proposed coupes subject to the consultation for TRP amendment conducted in March and April 2022 are still being reviewed and may be gazetted at a later date. 

These changes support ongoing responsible timber supply and help communities to understand where timber harvesting may occur.

All timber harvesting and regeneration operations are conducted in accordance with Victoria’s strict environmental regulations and the state’s Forest Management Zoning Scheme.

VicForests’ operations are regulated and monitored by Victoria’s Office of the Conservation Regulator, including through the Victorian government’s Forest Audit Program.

VicForests is committed to complying with or exceeding regulatory controls to ensure the sustainable management of forest areas.

A schedule of the approved timber harvesting areas as well as location maps are available on the VicForests website

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