Victoria’s Native Forest Ban: Decision Shafts Young Foresters

Premier Andrews destroys industry while smearing our young foresters

Wed 24 May 23


I cannot believe the b/s that Andrews is flaunting in his budget … that it is to pay back Covid debt.

Their secret running of the state, their incompetence in running the quarantine debacles, AND the blowouts are due to their incompetence in running projects. Shafting the Commonwealth Forestry Association, I thought, may have caused a ruckus light years ago, but little if nothing has happened there.

I also cannot believe the blinkered outlook of voting Victorians, especially the relentless green advertising campaign to say cutting down an Australian tree is a bad thing etc.

And, of course, the owners of Maryvale mill.

Japan has presumably won some big concessions. Bloody AMCOR executives should be partly blamed for running off to the USA.

Their original source of funds came from the timbers of Victoria and now they have caused many people to lose their jobs.

And the poor young forest scientists at VicForests who have worked their guts out honestly have been smeared by Andrews’ nonsense.

He will clean Australians out of the industry and then sell China the rights to the Victorian hardwood resource and the Latrobe Valley brown coal. They are the only two things he has for sale.

Even IFA (or Forestry Australia) will be severely affected as it greatly reduces membership numbers.


  • Richard McCarthy

    Richard (Dick) McCarthy is a highly experienced operational forester with postgraduate qualifications in forest management. His many years of experience, especially PNG-Dept of Forests, PNG Forest Industries Association and Australia as operations manager APM Forests-AMCOR in forest management and plantation development in the public and private forestry sectors, in both temperate and tropical forestry is recognized globally.


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