Warm welcome to Wood Central, and other thoughts as industry arrives on new platform

Wed 25 Jan 23


Hearty congrats to the media doyen of the forestry-timber Industry continuum who held the in toto Industry standard high throughout the wars and vicissitudes of the past four decades.

No scribe or participant has done more in advocacy and fact-based communiques in support of the Industry and its dependents.

A labour of total commitment and sustained energy.

Role model application. Well done sir and proud to have been within your orbit since Sunshine AusTIS82.

Dr GARY BACON, AM, former CEO Forestry Queensland.

** **

Congratulations Jim. I must have met more than 100 journalists over the years, but only two that I both trusted and admired. And you are one of them.

ROGER UNDERWOOD, AM, Western Australia. Recognised for decades of service to forestry and bushfire management in WA.

** **

As I’ve been an on-an-off forestry person due to my inability to be deeply involved in the things that fundamentally I have loved for 35 years, I can only give my greatest admiration respect and thanks,

TERRY BEATH, Melbourne. BSc. (For). M.Sc ANU.

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Firstly, congratulations on the award for Jim and his continued dedication to publish the facts in a most readable fashion. It is an honour to be able to work with him thanks to friend Gary Bacon.


** **

Highly experienced operational forester, with post graduate qualifications in forest management. His many years’ experience (especially in Papua New Guinea – Dept of Forests, and as operations manager APM Forests-AMCOR) in forest management and plantation development in the public and private forestry sectors.

** **

HAVE just learned it’s 45 years since you first published Timbeman.  While we haven’t spoken often, I’ve always admired the passion and dedication you have devoted to supporting and promoting the timber industry. So, congratulations – and I hope the industry will find someone even half as good to continue your work when you decide to call it a day.

Best wishes.

PETER HUTCHISON, general manager, Prefabrication (Asia Pacific), Mi Tek Industries, chair, Timber & Building Materials Association Australia.

** **

WE look forward to working with you on Wood Central in the New Year. I look forward to hearing more.

CARLIE PORTEOUS, general manager, Australian Forest Contractors Association

** **

THANK you for the Christmas wishes and as always a pleasure working with you. Good luck with Wood Central, I am sure it will be a success with your energy, knowledge and experience driving it forward.

ROB Rob de Fégely, AM, founding director, Margules Groome Consulting.

** **

SOUNDS like a great initiative. Wonders will never cease … the launch of a new digital product about the wood industry!

Congratulations Jim on having the testicular fortitude to lend your considerable passion and experience to such a bold and cleverly envisioned project.

We have known each other for a very long time, and when I heard that you had retired, I was aghast; appalled, even! The timber media with the Jim Bowden by-line so abruptly gone was difficult to accept – after all, you’re not even 90 yet!

Very best of good fortune to you and your colleagues with the Wood Central venture. I look forward to following your progress.

TONY NEILSON, Cairns. Former publisher of Inwood and Timber Design magazines.


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