Wood you believe it? The coolest new eco-trend is a T-Shirt Made of Wood!

Discover the Surprising Benefits and Unique Style of Vollebak's Wooden T-Shirt.

Thu 23 Feb 23



Have you ever heard of a t-shirt made of wood? If not, let me introduce you to the wooden t-shirt from Vollebak!

Yes, you read that correctly, a t-shirt made of wood. This shirt is soft, comfortable, and surprisingly breathable.

The wooden t-shirt is made from eucalyptus and beech wood, which are harvested from sustainably managed forests. The wood is then turned into a pulp and spun into a soft and breathable fibre. The result is a t-shirt that feels like a cross between cotton and silk.

But what’s the point of a wooden t-shirt, you may ask? Well, for one, it’s much more environmentally friendly than your average cotton t-shirt. Cotton is one of the most water-intensive crops to grow, and it also requires a lot of pesticides and fertilizers. In contrast, eucalyptus and beech trees require much less water and no pesticides or fertilizers.

And if you’re worried about clear felling trees for your clothing, don’t be. Vollebak uses only wood that’s been harvested for other purposes, such as making furniture or paper.

But the wooden t-shirt isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also stylish. The natural grain of the wood gives the shirt a unique and rustic look that’s sure to turn heads. And because the wood fibre are so strong, the shirt is also incredibly durable.

Of course, the wooden t-shirt isn’t perfect. It’s not as stretchy as a traditional cotton t-shirt, and it’s also a bit more expensive. But if you’re looking for a sustainable and unique piece of clothing, it’s definitely worth considering.

After all, if we can make T-shirts out of wood, what’s next? Wooden pants? Wooden socks? Wood really is the Ultimate Renewable!

Visit Vollebak today and try on the Wooden T-Shirt yourself.

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  • Jason Ross

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