AUFPA six-point plan nails priorities for NSW hardwood forests ahead of election

Industry provides 21,000 jobs, billions for economy

Mon 06 Mar 23


A six-point plan to grow the NSW forestry, timber and paper sector has been released by the Australian Forest Products Association NSW ahead of the state’s March 25 election.

It will be seeking the backing of all political parties and candidates for these policy priorities.

Victor Violante…. commitment must be no reduction in timber production forests and no job losses.

CEO Victor Violante said the state’s essential forest industries needed policy certainty to drive investment and innovation to continue to provide the sustainable building materials and paper packaging that we all depended on.

“NSW forest industries employ more than 21,000 people across the state and inject billions of dollars into the state economy every year,” Mr Violante said.

“We rely on forest industries in our everyday lives – from the timber to build our homes, the paper and cardboard packaging our food comes in, the pallets that transport our food, and the firewood to heat our homes.”

The AUFPA Six Point Plan calls for parties and candidates to:
  • Commit to growing the softwood timber plantation estate to secure future housing timber supply and help NSW meet net zero by 2050.
  • Provide certainty for our sustainable hardwood timber workers by committing to no reduction in timber production forests and no job losses.
  • Adopt a NSW Wood Encouragement Policy to prioritise the use of local timber in government infrastructure projects.
  • Support initiatives that will unlock the potential of renewable forest products including paper and cardboard in the circular economy.
  • Invest in infrastructure projects that optimise timber supply chains and support timber processing innovation.
  • Invest in bushfire preparedness, active forest management and forest restoration for healthier, more bushfire-resilient forests.

“The 2023 NSW election is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the next state government to stand up for regional jobs, to grow domestic manufacturing jobs and secure future housing timber supply by backing our sustainable, renewable forest industries,” Mr Violante said,

“NSW forest industries urge all political parties and candidates contesting the state election to commit to these key policies that will support our industries to thrive, innovate and play a greater role in NSW’s circular economy.”

  • Extracts from AUFPA media release


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