Double A’s Green Tick: 1.5m Thai Farmers Produce PEFC Paper

One of the world's largest pulp and paper companies is working farmers to turn the unused into the unbelievable!

Fri 05 Apr 24


One of the world’s largest paper companies is now PEFC-certified, ensuring that high-quality copy papers sold in Australia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and more than 140 other countries now carry the PEFC-certified” label.

Yesterday, Wood Central spoke to PEFC Asia-Pacific Coordinator Linh Thi Bui, who confirmed that the Thai-based Double A was now “Chain of Custody” certified – a key plank in its pledge to become net-zero by 2050.

Double A, which produces 600,000 tons of paper from its mills in Thailand and France, has long supported PEFC International—the world’s largest private forest certification scheme—and has been an “International Stakeholder Member” since 2017. It plans to use the label to build its market share in highly lucrative European markets.

“In PEFC, Double A has found the right organization through which we can promote our trees outside forests-based agroforestry and be part of a global system where constant knowledge can be gained through appropriate networking and deliberation,” a spokesperson from Double A said, reflecting on the partnership which has grown over the past eight years.

Double A provides Thai farmers with a natural hybrid Double A Paper-Tree, engineered from about 2,500 specimens to produce the highest quality of pulp and require very little maintenance. It then pays farmers to rent the land and helps monitor tree stocks with proprietary geo-tracking technology to troubleshoot any problem areas. When the trees mature just three to five years later, it buys them back. Footage courtesy of @DoubleAGlobal.

As part of an agroforestry project known as KHAN-NA, Double A is now working with 1.5 million Thai landowners to grow 200 million eucalyptus trees around the edges of rice fields. 

This unique approach does not take land away from food production but instead promotes the multiple uses of farmlands—for growing trees and cash crops. Double A then provides the Saplings through a buy-back contract, and they are ready to harvest in three to four years.

“Our aim was not only to create a sustainable supply of trees but also to create shared value to the farmers and community,” Double A said, adding that “our DNA is to create better paper for a better world.” 

“With PEFC’s focus on enabling small and family forest owners to gain access to certification, Double A has brought the KHAN-NA initiative to PEFC’s attention in the last few years,” Double A said; it is now able to involve smallholders as part of the PEFC Tree Outside Forests initiative.

Trees outside Forests were traditionally outside the scope of PEFC’ forest’ certification, preventing a significant portion of the first supply chain from accessing certification for sustainable forest management – however, following the latest revision to the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management’ meta standard’ smallholders now have a pathway to enter certification. 

Double A now joins more than 20,000 different forest companies certified under the PEFC Chain of Custody scheme – with more than 750,000 forest owners managing over 280 million hectares of forest area in 56 countries.


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