‘If Standards worked, they would have worked by now’

Standards needs to embrace technology to stay relevant

Thu 23 Mar 23


Suppliers were an important part of the solution too. They provided product that was implicitly fit for purpose. These ‘partners’ didn’t need warranties and guarantees to confirm the quality of what they were doing.

So how can we give students, designers, tradesmen (and everyone else who takes responsibility for other people’s work) the right tools to effortless achieve the agreed quality?

If Standards worked, they would have worked by now. Instead, on their watch, we pay a 2%+ premium on EVERY job for mistakes and rework. And this never covers the unpaid time, stress or wasted carbon.

Let me tell you what Tradesmen really want to know. They want to know why durability matters. And how to get it. What fixings will never need replacement. How to recognise quarter sawn timber. Where to place movement joints. How to stack timber when it arrives on site. Why priming tops and bottom of weather exposed doors is essential. And what ‘rounds up’ means.

The Carpenters I have worked with almost worshipped the timber they used. They loved their work. They never knowingly took short cuts. Skill was blended with commonsense and logic. I believe Australian contractors are still the same. It is just that they are no longer surrounded by this love and skill.

And more words, meetings, Parliamentary enquiries won’t fix nothing. It is up to all of you to provide the Tools our Industry needs.

Our Tools™ App is a 24/7 Source of Truth for everyone.

Fact Check

Jerry has used a broad axe. He has also Chaired a Standard, been a Committee Member 3 times, written a Handbook and been awarded an Innovation Award.


  • Jerry Tyrrell

    Jerry Tyrrell is an Australian expert on building defects, dedicated to improving building quality and preventing industry problems. He founded the Institute of Building Consultants, initiated rules for property inspections, and led the movement to make the National Construction Code free. He is the founder of Tools™, a digital platform for essential construction knowledge.


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