More Than Just a Standard: TPAA Looks to Certification Brand

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Thu 09 Nov 23


Stepping back into the role as chairman of the Timber Preservers Association of Australia has been challenging and exciting.

TPAA, for many years, has been asked by members about the purpose of the association … “Is there value in being a member?”

I have addressed this question and can assure them that, yes, it has a purpose!

Historically, TPAA’s key focus has been AS1604. Personally, I think this focus has been too narrow.

The standard covers only those preservatives that are used to preserve wood to the specifications in Australian standard AS/NZS 1604 for preservative-treated wood-based products.

At last month’s AGM, we welcomed two new directors: Dr Bill Leggate, team leader and principal research scientist at the DAF forest products innovation facility in Brisbane, and David Bennetts, group quality projects leader, solid wood manufacturing at Hyne.

This year, we took the opportunity to work with the Wood Central platform to deliver TPAA’s promotions message and, at the same time, gain Australia-wide and global media coverage.

This has many advantages, including publishing member profiles, a service that will grow over the next few months.

I encourage all members to ‘put up their hands’ and take up this opportunity.

TPAA has also developed a working relationship with the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Durability Centre.

In July, the University of the Sunshine Coast appointed a new Director to the Durability and Design Centre, Professor Tripti Singh.

This has seen TPAA members attend the centre’s project ‘showcase’ events. A significant number of these projects have a direct effect on our businesses.

Earlier this year, the International Research Group (RG54) in Cairns attracted many TPAA members.

Conference papers had a direct impact on the timber preservation business.

Following these two events, I proposed a members’ workshop in Brisbane to focus on some of the sector’s key topics, including environmental matters, quality assurance and waste disposal.

We contacted many related industry bodies; all agreed the workshop was a huge success.

A list of key topics such as quality assurance and, possibly, a ‘TPAA Certification’ brand will now be taken forward.

Meanwhile, TPAAA membership continues to grow, and we welcome new member Hyne Timber and appreciate the involvement of Dave Bennetts, who has joined the TPAA board of directors.

Recently, TPAA was asked by Wood Solutions to participate in the production of a video featuring the different types of treatment and how timber is treated … or should we say ‘preserved’.

Incoming IRG president Dr Rod Sterling, FP Innovations, Canada (second from left) is congratulated by Dr Chris Lafferty, Forest and Wood Products Australia, current president Dr Lone Ross, Norwegian 1st Wood Technology Institute, Norway, and Dr Kevin Archer, Viance, USA. More than 190 delegates from 27 countries attended the International Research Group (RG54) in Cairns earlier this year.

Over many years, the ‘correct use’ issue has been front and centre for members and others within the industry.

Education on the correct use of preservatives is central to this issue and we have had favourable talks with Forest and Wood Products Australia and Wood Solutions on how we can gain advantages from the educational video.

The video would be linked to TPAA, Wood Solutions, Timber Queensland, the Timber Development Association, and other allied groups.

Especially, we are looking at how the video might be introduced to TAFE’s general trade courses.

TPAA encourages its members to comply with national standards and applicable legislation, use sound and responsible environmental procedures, and produce fit-for-purpose preserved timber products.

While TPAA maintains a list of timber preservation plants, it does not ‘register’ preservation plants and relies on members to produce fit-for-purpose preserved timber products.

Members produce a range of preserved timber products to suit all uses, from heavy industrial applications to preserved products for the house and garden.


  • Gerry Gardiner

    Gerry Gardiner is chairman of the Timber Preservers Association of Australia which represents the nation's wood protection industry and is allied with international timber treaters, preservative suppliers, research organisations and individuals and bodies that have an interests in the production and use of preserved timber


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