Spotlight on 2032 Brisbane Olympics at QLD Timber Symposium

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Thu 18 May 23


The 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games, set to be the first ‘climate-positive’ games in history, presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Queensland’s timber and forest products industry.

Timber Queensland is poised to explore these opportunities through the ‘Doing Timber Business in Queensland Symposium and R&D tour’, scheduled for May 31 and June 1 in Brisbane.

The event will kick off with three distinct research and development tours, followed by a symposium and networking event on June 1 at the Victoria Park Golf Course in Brisbane.

Keynote Address: Pathway to the 2032 Brisbane Olympics

Timber Queensland has announced that Bart Mellish, the Assistant Minister to the Premier for Veterans’ Affairs and COVID Economic Recovery, will deliver the keynote presentation, “Pathway to the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.”

In highlighting the significance of timber’s role in the Games, Timber Queensland CEO Mick Stephens stated, “As an industry we all understand the opportunity for timber to play a pivotal role in delivering a climate-positive Olympics.”

“Such use would make a significant contribution towards a Green Games through the carbon sequestered and stored in the buildings and venues themselves while lowering the emissions footprint from the construction phase.”

Stephens also emphasised the importance of future-focused discussions. “We can also think big to showcase innovative timber designs with beautiful local timbers and engineered wood products on a large creative scale. It’s critical that we start these conversations now to identify these opportunities as part of our commitment to leading action to support the Olympics plan.”

Site Locations

This special event will commence with a series of industry research and development tours on May 31, followed by a symposium and networking event on June 1 at the Victoria Park Golf Course in Brisbane.

Site Locations

Griffith University Structural Lab Tour & Vibration Floor Demonstration

Immerse yourself in Griffith University’s Nathan Campus Civil and Mechanical Engineering Lab, providing testing facilities and services for the timber industry. Experience a live floor vibration demonstration, highlighting the research team’s innovative approach to designing safe, long-span timber floors. Walk on the floor and explore vibration performance through virtual reality goggles. Lastly, uncover the Sim Studio’s cutting-edge technology for capturing 3D human motion and dynamic footfall impacts.

Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries Salisbury Research Facility

Explore Australia’s leading forest product research facility, the Queensland DAF Salisbury Research Facility. Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, it supports research from laboratory to industrial scale. Join a tour and engage in an R&D showcase presentation, featuring updates from the University of Sunshine Coast on current projects.

The University of Queensland Future Timber Hub

Discover UQ’s ARC Future Timber Hub and its impressive engineering facilities. Visit the Advanced Engineering Building Auditorium, showcasing a 215-tonne roof supported by remarkable timber members spanning 30 metres.

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Speakers announced: Dr. David Brand amongst highlighted presenters

Announced in a Timber Queensland media statement, Dr. David Brand, the founder and Chair of New Forests, will address the symposium as one of 12 presenters.

Dr David Brand will be talking about nature capital investment. Footage courtesy of @CNBCInternationalTV

According to Timber Queensland CEO Mick Stephens, Dr Brand’s insights into natural capital investment will be a key feature of the event.

“We are thrilled to have Dr Brand present at our fourth biennial Doing Timber Business in Queensland symposium. Our events have earned a prestigious reputation for delivering quality content and speakers of direct relevance to the industry,” Mr Stephens said.

Joining Dr Brand, presenters include:

Mr. Stephens detailed the agenda for the 2023 ‘Doing Timber Business in Queensland’ symposium. It will discuss the financial landscape for forests, potential Olympic opportunities for timber, resource security, state policies, plantation and farm forestry, regional forestry hub projects in Queensland, and workforce planning.

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The Symposium offers attendees an exclusive glimpse into top-tier timber research facilities and valuable networking opportunities. In an added bonus, a generous sponsor provides the chance to win a $25,000 prize, which also translates into a $25,000 contribution to the Future Foresters Initiative (FFI).

The FFI, comprised of ambitious forestry professionals and students, is dedicated to nurturing growth within the forestry sector. By offering early-career support through mentoring, training, and a wide array of professional development activities, the FFI lays the foundation for the forestry industry’s future.

More information about ‘Doing Timber Business in Queensland’

“Our Doing Timber Business in Queensland events have earned a prestigious reputation for delivering quality content and speakers in great venues,” according to Timber Queensland’s Strategic Relations Manager Clarissa Brandt.

“It’s a great way for attendees to gather knowledge and provides an opportunity for industry to discuss our own issues and opportunities among fellow colleagues with whom it’s often hard to make time to connect with,” Clarissa said.

“The 2023 symposium will reflect on the current economic outlook, discuss developing Olympic opportunities for timber, examine plantation and farm forestry development, review Queensland’s regional forestry hub projects and address the issue confronting virtually all employers – workforce planning.”

  • Wood Central will provide comprehensive coverage of the symposium, offering updates and insights pre-event, throughout its duration, and in its aftermath.

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