Responsible Wood Statement on Victorian Native Forest Ban

Fri 26 May 23


Responsible Wood has released a statement in response to the Victorian Government’s decision to accelerate the closure of native forest harvesting. It supported the release with a ‘Responsible Wood Statement on the Management of Australian Native Forests.”

In a release attributed to CEO, Simon Dorries, Responsible Wood wished to add voice to the many expressing dismay at the Victorian Government’s announcement to bring forward the end of sustainable native forest management.

Sustainable native forest management provides a broad range of benefits to Victorian communities, including well-paid employment in regional areas, economic development, recreation facilities and opportunities, all while protecting environmental values for future generations.

Responsible Wood-certified forests, such as those managed by VicForests, are underpinned by the requirements of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management, which ensure world-class best practice management and are based on science, not ideologies.

Importantly Responsible Wood certification ensures that forests remain forests for generations to come and biodiversity values are protected and, in many cases, enhanced.

As the demand for high-quality hardwood timber continues to increase, these products must now be imported from overseas forests, with most likely less rigorous forest management standards.

Responsible Wood is dismayed at this unexpected and backward decision, which is counter to the intent of the previously announced Victorian Forestry Plan, and it fails to comprehend the motivation of the Victorian Government in making such a decision.

This decision has significant implications for a number of Responsible Wood’s member companies and their workers.

Responsible Wood wishes to pass on our concerns and condolences to the thousands of workers and their communities who are greatly impacted by this decision and the businesses and supply chains that rely on a sustainable hardwood timber supply for their continued operation.

 Most of all Responsible Wood wishes to recognise the dedication of forest managers and forest scientists that have dedicated their lives to improving Victoria’s Forest management system and delivering world-class sustainable, environmental benefits that Victoria has every right to be proud of.

  • Responsible Wood is Australia’s largest forest certification scheme and is the national governing body for PEFC in Australia. VicForests is currently certified under the Responsible Wood certification scheme.

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