Canada’s First ‘Living Forest’ Cemetery Opens in Quebec!

Geolocating a bank of memories

Sat 12 Aug 23


The words “sustainability,” “technology,” “immersive,” and “interactive” do not usually conjure images of cemeteries.

The Quebec cemetery, Forest of the Second Life, wants to change that.

The Institute des Territoires du Québec’s forest engineers are working with the cemetery to promote the establishment of young trees in areas where forest health is in danger.

In an interview with CTV News in Montreal, Stephanie Tremblay said, “People will be able to bury their ashes under trees, an individual tree or even a family of trees.!

Ms Tremblay is the executive manager of the cemetery, which is using technology to plot actual burial spots.

“We also have a section for pets, biodiversity prairies for pets and people who would want to spread the ashes of their loved ones,” she said.

“We also have an option for people who want to plant their roots now.”

Forest of the Second Life allows people to bury their loved ones among the trees in the Laurentians. (Photo Credit: Foret de la Seoconde Vie)

Once deceased, people will be geolocated in the forest, and at the foot of each tree, a virtual chest containing a bank of memories will be located – such as photos, 3D images and videos.

The virtual chest will also include a biographical questionnaire related to the significant moments of their life.

All the information will be accessible via the app.

“Once you get on-site, you can log into the application and enter the name of the person you want to visit or your name,” Tremblay said.

“If you’re visiting your own family tree, then it will tell you how to get to it, as all the trees are geolocated.”

Environmentally, the cemetery also promises to stay just a forest forever.

“It guarantees to families that the trees will never be cut.”

“There will never be anything else than a cemetery here, and even if the cemetery closes, their land will still stay protected.”

The cemetery is preparing for the inauguration this week.

Publisher Note: The first Living Cemetry is Life Forest in Hillsborough, NH, in the USA.


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