New FSC Study Shows Consumers Trust Certification Schemes

Mon 19 Jun 23


When it comes to protecting forests, consumers now put the highest trust in independent and credible certification systems, according to a new FSC global consumer recognition study.

Also, NGOs have high or moderate confidence in certification labels to ensure forests are protected.

But on the other hand, half (49%) of the consumers surveyed have little to no confidence in government bodies to protect forests.

FSC commissioned the study in collaboration with market researcher Ipsos, one of the largest of its kind. It involved surveying 26,800 consumers across 33 countries, including Australia. The study provides valuable insights into consumer concerns, trusted entities for addressing those concerns, and how individuals are making impactful choices through their purchasing behaviour.

FSC is the most recognised forest certification worldwide and highly trusted, with the survey showing that nearly half (46%) of consumers surveyed recognise the FSC logo – higher than any other forest certification system tested.

Recognition is highest among 18 to 24-year-olds. FSC is especially well-recognised in China, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Italy, and Denmark.

Nearly half of Australian consumers have a solid understanding of the meaning behind the FSC label. Among those familiar with FSC, three out of five individuals understood its significance well. Moreover, 78% of Australians who recognise the FSC label expressed that if they came across a brand promoting FSC or offering FSC-certified products, it would have a positive influence on their trust in the brand.

Similarly, over three-quarters of consumers (77%) show moderate to high confidence in FSC to protect forests, which is considerably higher than in governments or businesses. And even though economic hardship is the top global concern, half of the consumers who recognise FSC claim to be willing to pay more for a product if it is FSC-certified.

This trust extends to brands that choose FSC, with most consumers (80%) saying they are more likely to trust a brand if it offers FSC-certified products.


  • Sarah Day

    Sarah leads FSC Australia and New Zealand’s Marketing and Communications, seeking out creative and innovative ways to bring our company voice and vision to life. Tailoring FSC's company purpose to Australian and New Zealand audiences is Sarah's initiative, focussing primarily on expanding FSC ANZ's reach by building collaborative marketing campaigns with stakeholders and creating engaging social media content that speaks to the FSC mission of Forests for All, Forever.


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